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Hi Kids! Time to talk about this red-tailed hawk.

I hope everyone is surviving¬† what’s left of winter. February just drags along for me and it seems like the green of spring will take forever. Today was pretty nice so I worked on one of the handicapped chambers. The only rehab bird I have now is the red-tailed hawk that was shot multiple times and she’s going to her new home on Sunday down on Saint Simon’s Island at Driftwood Educational Center. I think she will make a good educational ambassador for them.

xray red-tailed hawk

Story has it she ate someone’s chicken. You can sit out there with your guns until the end of time and not kill them all. If you like your chickens, then you have to come to grips with the fact that every other predator likes them, too. Either lose them all to predation or you can keep them in an enclosure. Of course , we couldn’t get a conviction because there was no eye witness and the guy didn’t confess.

This will be our last push for what’s left of our calendars…half price, plus 2$ for shipping¬† – $12.00.

Also, someone has donated to HawkTalk a Baby Grand piano, but we only have two weeks to sell it. If you are in the Atlanta area, we are asking $2,500.00 for it. Just think of all the mice it will buy! Please contact me if you are interested and help us by sharing on social media, we sure would appreciate it. My contact number in Canton (piano is currently in Cumming), call me at 770.337.4736

pianoA pianoC

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and one last thing – one way we are making a little Mouse Money is by taking Fiona down to Phoenix and Dragon Book Store in Sandy springs on the first Saturday of the month and then the following Saturday (2nd Sat) at Forever and a Day in Woodstock. We will be there from noon until 3. For a 10$ Mouse Money donation, you can put the glove on and hold her. She’s something else!

Fiona – while she was cooking and here she is, all growed up!

Fiona resized

Take good care of yourselves!¬† ….m.

Monteen McCord