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Hey Ya’ll!

I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready to celebrate with friends and family for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

I’m hardly ever over here any more because our FaceBook charity page is SO MUCH easier to update and we are able to raise awareness with a LOT of people over there. That said, I just noticed that our subscriber list has tripled here and that just tickles me pink! Thank you!

It seems every time I come over here to WordPress/MailChimp, the software has been updated (to keep ahead of the mean old hackers, they say) so I can’t figure out which buttons to mash. It’s maddening, I tell ya, so please bear with me as I hack my way through this. Seems like I fuss about this every time. 🙂

Our FB charity page:


Click ‘like’ on our FB page and get the latest updates on our rehab cases and lots of cool photos. It’s been a BUSY rehab season! Renested about a dozen orphans this spring, hacked out another 14 over the summer that couldn’t be renested for whatever reason and the injuries just kept coming throughout summer and into fall. *sigh*


Also, if you would like to help us in a ‘passive giving’ way, you could list HawkTalk as your charity on Amazon. All you have to do is click this link and it will take you to the appropriate screen. In the future, all you have to do is remember to key in smile.amazon into your browser when you shop and their small donation will automatically be linked to us.



Our HawkTalk 2017 Calendars are here!

Please help us keep rats on the table buy purchasing one or three. They make great stocking stuffers and it’s a gift that you will use all year.

$20/ea and I’ll pick up the postage.

If you want to use PayPal – they take a percentage but that’s ok…our email address associated with the charity account – monteen@hawktalk.org.

Be sure to leave a current mailing address in the ‘note’ area!

If you would rather send a check, the address:

Monteen McCord
P.O. Box 130
Holly Springs, GA  30142

Thank you so much for helping us!


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