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Call us at 1-770-720-1847 to discuss hawk rescue.Β  We care for raptors (birds of prey) that cannot be released back to the wild.

We also rehabilitate hawks, owls, eagles, kites, falcons and ospreys.

We need Mouse Money!

You can also help out by visiting smile.amazon.com.Β  They will donate to us based on purchases that you make and it doesn’t cost you anything.

We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization located in North Georgia providing hawk rescue and care for other raptors (birds of prey) including owls, eagles, falcons and osprey.hawk rescue and owl rehabilitation

We operate our facility based on donations from caring people who, for one reason or another, aren’t in the position to be rehabbers themselves, but are interested in and dedicated to the preservation and protection of raptors.

We also do off site programs for schools, nature centers, scouts, birthday parties, public displays, etc.Β  This is done on a fee basis. Please call for details!

Hacking for hawk rescue or owl rehabilitation.

Hacking is an old falconry technique that is literally, thousands of years old. Hacking (AKA soft release) is how we re-introduced the Golden Eagle back to the Cumberland Plateau in northwest Georgia, the American Bald eagle to the Lake Allatoona area north of Atlanta and the Peregrine Falcon in downtown Atlanta.Β  We can help you with this procedure or provide it as a service.
For more information, see our blog post on Hacking Orphaned Hawks and Owls.

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4 days ago
HawkTalk, Inc.

My babies!!! ... See MoreSee Less

My babies!!!Image attachment

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Love love love My year round bluebird families. Keep growing every year and they never leave. I spoil them with mealworms twice daily outside my office window….cause they make me happy!

Yours are back? We need to get some houses up.


All over my yard!!!

Where are you?

I have so many as well! I buy the big bags of mealworms at Tractor Supply and they plow through them!

Mine tooπŸ˜€

The Breakfast Club!


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1 week ago
HawkTalk, Inc.

Here is an excerpt of Amazon's update email...

To help charities that have been a part of the AmazonSmile program with this transition, we will be providing them with a one-time donation equivalent to three months of what they earned in 2022 through the program, and they will also be able to accrue additional donations until the program officially closes in February. Once AmazonSmile closes, charities will still be able to seek support from Amazon customers by creating their own wish lists.Well, unless Amazon is raising mice that I don't know about, this so-called wish list won't help us much... ... See MoreSee Less

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A footnote: Amazon and FB kept putting my Wild Mountain Birds page as a non-profit, which I am not (yet). I don't ever want to mislead my supporters, so the only place I can post my PayPal link is on my website. Or post my venmo and PO box once in a while on my FB page. It's annoying.

2 weeks ago
HawkTalk, Inc.

FOUR male Eastern Bluebirds at my tray feeder!

... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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Impressive! I don't remember what their range was when I was young (mid to late '60s) and banding birds at school under the license of a middle school teacher in DC area, but we didn't get them at our fall feeder traps. This teacher ran a wildlife summer camp in West Virginia where we saw them all the time and caught them in mist nets. When I bought my house (near yours) in the mid '80s, I can remember feeling surprised at seeing them this far south in the spring/summer. 🐦

My favorite!

2 weeks ago
HawkTalk, Inc.

Well, that's that, I suppose.

Nothing lasts forever.We are writing to let you know that we have made plans to wind down AmazonSmile by February 20, 2023. Until this date, customer purchases made via AmazonSmile will continue to accrue funds for your charity as normal. To help nonprofits like you plan ahead, we will also provide you with a one-time payment equivalent to three months of payments based on what you accrued in 2022 through this program. The timing of this final payment will be approximately 60 to 90 days after February 20, 2023. We hope that this will help minimize the impact that this decision might have. ... See MoreSee Less

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Mike Rowe's charity rakes in a quarter million bucks from them every year... But maybe they will continue to help the big charities...you know, the ones with the black tie fund raisers and deep pocket donors...and throw us small charities under the bus.

I don’t understand what this means. Is Amazon smile not an option anymore?

What about direct through facebook

Well that STINKS!! You still have Kroger, right?

Oh day-um. That’s too bad. I know every bit helps. A lot of charities will be unhappy.

Ridiculous πŸ™ a program i volunteer with gets about 500 to 1000 every year from Amazon smiles. While it doesn't seem like much it helps

I got the donor side version of the same announcement in an email this afternoon. Bummer! I will be in touch soon regarding a more in person donation.

That stinks! We were just saying at dinner tonight we hoped you would get a decent donation from them from everything we bought over Christmas. Makes no sense!

Well shit, you are my designated charity as well

This is disgusting

Oh no!

This makes me sick.


Well that sucks. What about a Go Fund Me set up now so we can redirect?

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3 weeks ago
HawkTalk, Inc.

For those of you HOO have visited my place, you will be very familiar with my ancient wooden sidewalk that surrounds about half of the house, especially after a rain because it's slick as glass.

Slipping and sliding and falling down and going 'boom' is no bueno. It's also a liability for us. I've witnessed more than one person lose and fortunately catch their balance before they crash.I had someone out to give us an estimate to help it and rather than finish it off by chewing it up with high water pressure, he will add a detergent of some sort to cut through the slick stuff in order to preserve what's left of the wood. It was in bad shape when I moved in 25 years ago, so it's really pathetic now.We need to hold a little fund raiser to come up with $300.00. I know we're all broke and bracing ourselves for when the holiday credit card statements come in, but if you're able to help us, we sure would appreciate it. And maybe when you come out to visit, you won't be doing windmills to remain upright. πŸ™‚Our PayPal charity email address - monteen@hawktalk.orgOur Venmo (attached to the charity account) - @monteenmccord Mailing Street address:HawkTalk Monteen McCord6730 Union Hill Rd.Canton, GA 30115Thanks for your consideration! ....m. ... See MoreSee Less

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Be on the lookout! Venmo coming


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Oh no! Glad it didn’t hit the house.

I would if I wasn’t in Alaska 😬

4 weeks ago
HawkTalk, Inc.

There goes Lucky!

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Video image

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